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About Us

We create learning experiences that are interactive, flexible, engaging, and relevant to the people we work with in the public sector and beyond.

Our Mission

Activating the talent, drive, and ability of public sector professionals to affect meaningful change in their organizations from within through direct training, mentoring, and strategic consulting work.

Our Values

> We are learner-focused
> We adapt to the needs of others
> We are honest & trustworthy
> We act transparently
> We model vulnerability & openness

Our Vision

Public sector professionals are capable and empowered to make data meaningful and actionable for the betterment of our communities and our world.

Datapolitan is committed to bringing analytics skills to public sector organizations in order to build the capacity to leverage data as a strategic asset.

Founded in 2014, Datapolitan has worked with a range of public sector organizations, including agencies and departments in large and medium-sized cities, research institutions, and social service non-profit organizations. We’ve delivered over 250 classes to thousands of public sector professionals just like yours. We’ve also worked with private companies to enhance their ability to analyze, visualize, and communicate data with their stakeholders.

What can we help you achieve together?

Our Company Data

Richard Dunks, Owner & Founder

Richard Dunks is the founder and driving force behind Datapolitan. A decorated former military intelligence professional, Richard honed key data analytics skills in high-tempo operations to deliver timely, mission-critical results. An experienced analyst in the public sector, Richard has provided advanced analysis for federal and local governments, as well as non-profit organizations, and served as a catalyst for new ideas, approaches, and tools that build new capabilities and improve existing ones. After graduating in 2014 from NYU’s Center for Urban Science and Progress, the first urban informatics graduate program in the country, Richard started Datapolitan and began providing consulting services and training to local government agencies and non-profit organizations in data literacy, analytics, visualization, machine learning, and data-driven leadership. He has been an adjunct professor at Columbia University and Pratt Institute, teaching graduate classes in data analysis, mapping, information visualization, and machine learning. He currently lives in Dallas, Texas with his partner and infant son.