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Our Services

Since 2014, Datapolitan has worked to empower public sector clients with the skills, techniques, language, and mindset...

Necessary to make data meaningful and actionable to effectively manage their resources and realize operational value from the information you collect. We do this through a range of consulting and training services for local governments and nonprofit organizations, customized to your strategic vision and operational needs. We specialize in teaching Excel for data analysis with government open data, from basic skills to advanced techniques, as well as other advanced tools such as databases, geospatial information systems (GIS), and data visualization software . We are skilled facilitators and researchers, leveraging design thinking and user-centered research methods to ideate, plan, and strategize with our clients. We are experienced professionals with a passion for making the public sector better at delivering value to those who depend on you to fulfill your important mission in the world.


We can build the capacity of your people to meet your current and future challenges. In our in-person and online learning classes, we use proven learning methods honed over a decade of teaching to help your people master critical tools and techniques for generating impactful insights from your data. Through our training, your people will understand the value of data and realize their potential to excel where others falter.


We guide you through critical projects that demand a rigorous attention to detail and ability to leverage the essential value of data and evidence. Whether it's delivering superior analytical insights or helping steer difficult conversations about organizational culture, we can be your partner in building the foundation for current and future success.

Let us help you build the capacity of your organization to utilize its greatest resource: your people.

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