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Empowering public sector professionals

Since 2014, we've been building the capacity of local governments & non-profit organizations to fully realize the potential of their people.


We leverage years of practical, real-world experience and a passion for engaging our learners to deliver life-changing engagements with our clients.

You want to deliver impact to the residents, businesses, and clients you serve with the data you collect. Your people have the potential to generate insights and deliver results, but they need support, guidance, and encouragement to make full use of their tools and talents.

We want to instruct and inspire your people to make the best use of the ever-increasing volume of available information to make data-driven decisions that have an impact. We believe in the change that comes from people believing in themselves and are driven to bring that change to our clients.


Let our talented team of experienced trainers and consultants collaborate with you to create the learning experience your organization needs to realize the full potential of your people, your technology, and your data.


We build your capacity to meet current and future operational and strategic challenges by teaching your people how to master critical tools and techniques for generating impactful insights from your data.


We guide you through critical projects that demand high technical proficiency and a rigorous attention to detail to deliver actionable insights for current and future success.



Very valuable. We encounter a lot of data on a daily basis and need improvement on how to process and organize it all.

Structured process to problem solve and include others in the process to minimize personal biases and think broadly.

Knowing how to deal with and not being intimidated by data is key to being effective. I feel like one can walk away from this class with a good foundation level of knowledge.

What resonated with me was the collaborative process for exploring how to approach achieving an outcome.

I knew how to use pivot tables at a basic level but appreciated the information and time to practice.

Let us help you build the capacity of your organization to utilize its greatest resource: your people.